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The company by Umberto Gessi was founded in 1992, was originally a small workshop, designed to challenge the historical names dominate the industry status quo. With a clear vision for change and innovation, Gessi family created a new, breakthrough business philosophy, the rapid development as its global product category in one of the most complex and vertically integrated manufacturing company, its brand name has become synonymous with its outstanding design and technology. The original studio has abandoned in 1993, is advantageous to the Serravalle Sesia modern buildings, made of stone and black glass, surrounded by green plants. Although as a production base was born, but now the building has the company's business offices and meeting rooms, exhibition hall and impressive. In fact, the company in 2004 in the same area to create a modern production building, in order to keep up with the Gessi products on the market's remarkable achievements. The project involves the construction of a low environmental impact of modern factory, with a total area of 58550 square meters. Later, in March 2007, the company began to extend the construction plan, by 2010, will increase almost twice the size of the facility. The design of the system and the whole production process and manufacture of special attention to environmental protection and worker safety. To achieve these goals, adopted by innovative solutions. As a result, the company's creative, production and management activities in the form of a fully integrated organization in a multi-functional industrial park, more than 800000 square meters of modern science and technology and ecological architecture and landscape integration: namely, Gessi park. In 2006, Gessi became a global company, in almost every continent countries business branches is established. In addition to numerous awards for its innovative product design, Gessi also was appointed in 2008 Italian super brand. That same year, it won the famous red dot communication design.